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Overriding scale ranges in ArcGIS Desktop, problem with SaveDefaultUserScales() ?

Question asked by geocdnlvnrush on Sep 13, 2016

I've overridden the default scale range using ArcObjects 10.2 in ArcMap 10.2.1 .


IDisplayTransformationScales displayTransformationScale = (IDisplayTransformationScales)pActiveView.ScreenDisplay.DisplayTransformation;


foreach (UtmZone20Enum utmZone20Enum in Enum.GetValues(typeof(UtmZone20Enum)))





The range looks fine in the "Scale Settings" dialog , but it doesn't get refreshed to the actual "Map Scale" dropdown listbox when I call SaveDefaultUserScales() on the IDisplayTransformationScales interface.


IDisplayTransformationScales.SaveDefaultUserScales Method (ArcObjects .NET 10.1 SDK) 


If I click on OK in the Scale Settings Dialog, it does get updated.

Is there a known problem with the SaveDefaultUserScales() method ?


Scale Settings dialog with changed scale range.


Thanks for any info.