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Clarification on the 'Use symbols defined by the layer' option in the Query widget

Question asked by Carmelce on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Carmelce

Good morning,


I have a question about the 'Use symbols defined by the layer' option in the Query widget.


In our scenario, we have a layer (1) hosted in ArcGIS Online. This layer has been copied and saved 3 times with different filters and symbology applied (2). Three Web AppBuilder apps have been created from each layer so we have a different view as required by end users. This is our process because if any updates are required, they can be applied to 1 layer and then are filtered into the 3 apps.


With the Query widget, i built some queries and selected the option 'Use symbols defined by the layer'. When I run the queries, the symbology of the original layer (1) is applied to the results, instead of the symbology that was saved with the copy (2).


The same thing happens if I add a layer (original, not a copy) to a web map, change the default symbology (don't Save Layer), save the map, create a Web AppBuilder app, add the query widget, and define 'Use symbols defined by the layer'.


A workaround could be to use 'Set custom symbol' and match it to the desired symbology but this would only be suitable for layers symbolised by a single symbol.


I can understand why the original symbology would be applied to the results, but what if you don't want the symbology for a layer in a web map to be the default symboloyg?


Any thoughts?