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Is it possible to Edit submitted Comments in Crowdsource Polling Application?

Question asked by jamatney on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by jamatney

I'm using Crowdsource Polling as a means of entering records into a related table in AGOL.



The data model for the application is a series of Projects in a spatial database. Each Project can be related to multiple Milestones (i.e., comments).


My client would like to not only be able to add multiple Milestones to Projects - which they can do successfully, but also be able to Edit the Milestones after they have been submitted, within the Crowdsource Polling application. 


Is this possible to do? Is there a way to configure the application to allow users to edit crowdsource polling comments? 


I'm hosting the application on my organization's web server, so have full access to the code.


Also I'm aware of this code sample detailing how to edit related records in the API, but can't figure out how to implement the feature in Crowdsource Polling. (e.g., what folder do I store the relevant applyEdit function in the application? How do I configure the Javascript to match my application?)