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init.js:182 Error: Invalid URL.(…)

Question asked by ibrahimd13 on Aug 30, 2016



    While I'm typing letters in Search field(Search Widget), Continuously I'm getting errors like " Error: Invalid URL.(...) ".

    When I tried to access the URL,it's a valid URL only. I'm able to see the data in the URL which shown in console.

What might be the cause to get this type of errors???


Here, I'm attaching the screenshot:


I have seen aonther scenario which is throwing the same error:

while executing the PrintTask, PrintTask.execute(params).then(printResult, printError);

I suspect this error is because: Geometry Server in the first case.

PrintingTool (GPServer) in the second case. 

But I am unable to find the exact cause.


Help me out from this.