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Unable to change text field to numeric field to show xy data

Question asked by breckan on Aug 30, 2016
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I have a table, originally imported from excel, with two fields with coordinates that I cannot manage to convert to numeric fields. I want to display the content of the table's XY data, and that cannot be done when the fields are defined as text. I tried adding two new empty fields defined as double and using Field calculator to "copy" the content from the coordinate fields defined as text. I got the error message "The calculated value is invalid for the row with ObjectID = 1. For example, the calculated value may be too large for the field or you may be trying to add a string to a number field. This row will not be updated. Do you want to process the rest of the rows?" I said yes and there was the same problem with the rest of the rows. There are no spaces, commas or Null values in the coordinate fields defined as text. An example of the coordinates in my table: X "274676.9" and Y "6633201.0"


I also tried Table to table, but then I got error 001156 with description "text values cannot be added to numeric fields".


Is there no other way to convert fields in a table from text to numeric?


I tried changing the definition to Number (instead of Standard) in excel and importing it again, but it is still defined as text. The table is a result of many joins, but exported to a new table and the joins are gone now (right?)


I use arcgis 10.2.


Thanks in advance.