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Passing ArcMap layers to a Python script inside ArcToolbox

Question asked by leftieant76 on Aug 29, 2016
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I've got a small script that I've turned into an ArcToolbox tool / script / thingy.


I would like to be able to pass ArcMap layers to the tool (ie drag the layer directly from ToC into the tool, and have the tool run only on the selected features).


By and large, I have this running the way I would expect. However, if I'm trying to pass a layer to the tool that has been renamed in the ToC (ie given a 'proper' name rather than just the feature class name) the tool fails.


For reference, I'm using arcpy.GetParameterAsText to pass variables from the tool to the script, and the particular parameter that is causing issues is a type 'Feature Layer' and is a multivalue parameter.


Does anyone have any crazy suggestions that may fix this issue? I'm out of my depth!