Server problems (?)

Discussion created by VojtaBlazek on Aug 29, 2016
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Hi after last update of AGO I've got problems with adding my map services into arcgis online (never happend before)

When I make webmap - everythings works perfect. When I use this map in some web app the map starts being weird.

Arcgis online gives me these errors:(sorry its in czech) but it says cannot add layer into map and layer does not respond. The webmapp cannot be saved, bookmarks dissapear - anything


I am not sure if the problem is with my server arcgis server 10.1,but if I browse to some of my services (example FS/E_coli (MapServer) ) it throws no error. It can be displayed in arcgis online, in Desktop everywhere. These errors starts after I try share the map via web app such as story map cascade or storymap journal. First time when I had problem with Cascade story map - I asked here Cascade and MapServer service? , result was that my server does not have https protocol. But even if I change https to http on adress line - still after used in app starts being weird.


Any tips or advice?