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Problem with mouse coordinates in 2D (MapView).

Question asked by ddenney on Aug 29, 2016

.Net 4.5, ArcGIS 10.2.7, WPF application.


Our application overrides ArcGIS mouse actions for compatibility with other formats.  I am using 2D (MapView) and 3D (SceneView).  I have set MapView.InteractionOptions.IsEnabled to false.  Most functions work fine.  However, when I double-click on a Graphic the coordinates returned on the first click are correct.  However, after the first click ArcGIS generates a MouseMoved message with the coordinates set to -1, -80.  The double-click message has these coordinates as well.  Doing this with 3D (SceneView) works correctly.  Any ideas how to fix this behavior or a workaround?  My control that hosts the MapView control is trapping MouseDown, MouseDoubleClick, and MouseMove messages (NOT PreviewMouseDown, PreviewDoubleClick, and PreviewMouseMove).  Thanks.