Python Script Tools: Setup

Discussion created by Playa on Aug 29, 2016
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I've been creating Python Scripts and Program's for years, but have never really needed to share my script with anyone else. I generally run them directly from my IDE manually or schedule them to run from my server.


I'm currently helping out a colleague and have written a Python Script for them. I added the python script to a a ArcToolbox and found my first stumbling block. The formatting of the Description is not maintained. As can be seen from below the paragraphs are clearly visible within the properties of the script:



Python Script Tool: Properties



Python Script Tool: Paragraphs are dropped.


Where can I find documentation on controlling how the description and help documentation is displayed and how to customize it?


The second problem that I picked up is that the Data Type integer (Int\Short) is not available from the drop down list of data_types:



Data Type: Short Missing from drop down list ???


I've changed the type to "Long" for now which seems unnecessary and converted it to an integer within my Python Script. Whats the reasoning that Integer Data Type is not available within the available data types?