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Getting a problem while I'm trying to confirm feature data into another feature layer

Question asked by ibrahimd13 on Aug 29, 2016


    I have a scenario like, I can select a feature on the map and if I "confirm" that feature, that feature data will be saved into another feature layer on clicking "Yes" button. When I click "Yes",most of the times the feature data is successfully getting saved into another feature layer without any issue, but in very rare cases it's constantly showing the message "processing..please wait", its not getting saved and I'm not getting any errors in the console.


Two functions are dealing this functionality of confirming and saving feature data into another feature layer

1) _confirmResults

2) _onBtnYesClicked

when I check the code, these two functions are invoking without any problem.


I have the code snippet like this: 


  _confirmResults: function(){
         thisValue = this;
         this._confirmDeleteMessage = new Message({
         message : '<i class="message-warning-icon"></i> ' + this.nls.confirmDrawCheckedDelete,
            onClick:this._onBtnYesClicked  //on clicking of "Yes" this function should invoke


_onBtnYesClicked: function(){
      if(thisValue._confirmDeleteMessage && thisValue._confirmDeleteMessage.close){
      thisValue._confirmDeleteMessage = false;
var objId;var confirmLink=thisValue.btnConfirmResults;
var urlparcel = thisValue.nls.parcelUrl;




Here, I'm attaching the screenshot of showing this message "processing..please wait" constantly(in very rare cases)...




How can I solve this issue???

Please suggest...