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Offline Mode missing from basemaps settings

Question asked by le-ax on Aug 25, 2016
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I was previously able to take maps offline that I created  on ArcGIS Online. Now, when I go into Collector the cloud icon that allows you to download the map is gone. If I view the map settings on AGOL, the "Offline Mode" is not shown. The only difference that I can think of is I used to have a free account because we had the yearly maintenance program. We then purchased 5 user account license, but the original account is still one of the 5 and is the administrator. I created a new map, and the "Offline Mode" is shown in the settings with the check box shown. If I enable Offline with this map, that Offline option is available in Collector. Anyone else experience this? I know this is sort of unique. I'm just trying to avoid having to rebuild my maps. Any help is greatly appreciated. I guess I'm just rying to figure out why the entire "Offline Mode" is missing from my basemap.