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Cannot add a point in ArcGIS Online...only delete

Question asked by mlhotz on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by mlhotz

I’m wondering if someone might see what I’m doing wrong.  I have created a blank point feature class with attributes and have published this map service to ArcGIS Online.  It works well.  I can edit this layer in ArcGIS Online, and I can add points to the same layer using Collector.  So far so good.


However, I have now created another blank feature class with a more detailed attribute table.  I have followed the exact same steps as with the previous published feature class (so I believe).  I have ensured that editing is turned on, added it to a Group in AGOL, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why I cannot edit this layer in AGOL.  It simply won’t let me add a point.


To make matters even more confusing, I can see and add the map in Collector, but when I try to add a point I get an error message: “Update Failed.  Updates could not be sent”.  So I sign out of Collector and revisit ArcGIS Online…and the point I collected using Collector is there in spite of the error message.  And I can then delete this point in AGOL….but it still won’t let me add a point in AGOL (we need both capabilities).


Has anyone heard of this type of error before?  This is most frustrating.