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Need arcpy.SearchCursor to return full row value

Question asked by Lynn_Carlson on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by GSCUser85

I have a table in a geodatabase that includes an attribute field type Double called lab_calib_chlorophyll.

Scrolling through the table in ArcMap, I see values which contain anywhere from 2 to 6 decimal places with the default numeric property setting (of 6 decimal places).


When I change the numeric properties of the column to show up to 15 decimal places, some of the values in the table extend out, and others don't (presumably because a given value does not contain that many decimal places).


Still in ArcMap, I then use Select by Attributes and construct a SQL statement. I populate the value using the "Get Unique Values" button. I then scroll through the list that results and find the unique value I want which appears in the unique values list as 26.427265000000006 even though when looking at the table itself this only shows up as 26.427265 (even when the properties are set to show 15 decimal places).


The trouble is that I need to use arcpy.da.SeachCursor(table,"*") to build an SQL expression.


The search cursor for a specific row is returning the 26.427265 and not the "true" 26.427265000000006, therefore the expression that is built does not return a selected record.


How can I get the search cursor to return the complete value that is "really" in the table row so that my SQL expression becomes lab_calib_chlorophyll = 26.427265000000006

and not

lab_calib_chlorophyll = 26.427265