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arcpy.CopyFeatures_management syntax?

Question asked by Vincenty on Aug 22, 2016
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In a python script, I use arcpy.CopyFeatures_management function but it certain situation, some parameters may have a white space such as:

C:\ESRI\City Points_point.shp


Then, when running the script, arcpy.CopyFeatures_management interprets C:\ESRI\City Points_point.shp as 2 parameters because of the white space.


Executing: CopyFeatures 'C:\ESRI\City Points_point.shp' C:\ESRI\City_Points_point.shp # 0 0 0Start Time: Mon Aug 22 16:01:33 2016Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.


How would it be possible to arrange the syntax and have 'C:\ESRI\City Points_point.shp' interpreted as just one parameter?