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Trouble with Spatial Join (Invalid SQL Syntax: near "IN" syntax error)

Question asked by henrychinaski on Aug 22, 2016
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Firstly to say that I have had no problems doing this in ArcMap...however in Pro something goes wrong,

I am merging a shapefile map with a dataset of 6,000 observations. In one attempt I managed to merge the two but then realised it had only added one observation per spatial unitrather than aggregating them. Since then I have been trying to use the Spatial Join tool. I want to join points to Polygon and aggregate most of the variables taking the Mean. 


So far:

1) Added Basemap

2) Added Shapefile

3) Added xls data

4) Converted xls data to feature

6.....trying Spatial Join. 


For 'Match Option' I have tried both Intersect and Contains. 

Using options Target: My Shapefile. Join Features: My data.


...What Am I NOT doing right or simply NOT DOING AT ALL?


Thank you