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Identify WMS Layer in Pro

Question asked by bveldkamp on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by bveldkamp

I'm having difficulties identifying features in a WMS layer in ArcGIS Pro. I can see that a request is sent off to the service, but ArcGIS does not show results. I used Fiddler to inspect the result, and found that ArcGIS passes invalid coordinates for the I and B parameters:




Since both I and J are pixel coordinates (see § 7.4.2 of the specs), they cannot possibly be negative, and yet ArcGIS passes -641613 and 214651. And even if by accident ArcGIS used real-world coordinates, they would still be invalid due to the fact that the used spatial reference does not have negative coordinate values...


The service is

The map uses the RD New spatial reference (EPSG:28992), and so does the WMS layer.