UpgradeGDB : Could not update server tables and stored procedures

Discussion created by MChilcott on Aug 17, 2016
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Hi Peoples,


A quick note on an upgrade issue I just came across.  May help others out in the future.


We are doing an upgrade to one of our ArcSDE instances. This has been bought about by the need to do an Oracle upgrade. Given the number of versions we are behind, we have had to create a new virtual machine on an updated OS, with a new instance of Oracle at 12c, then export the entire database from the old instance to the new instance. Once the new Oracle database came across, then do the ArcSDE upgrade from 10.1 to 10.3.1. So a fair bit going on here.


We did this all last week on a test instance – and went swimmingly well.


So to today.


To connect to the new Oracle instance, there are a few option in relation to the TNSnames.ora file.

  • Option A
    We can add a new entry for the new database
  • Option B
    we can use the same name in the TNS, but alter the server details.
    Option B in theory means you can make one change to the TNSnames, and then all your connections from ArcGIS, FME, SQL Developer etc just continue to work. No need to alter all your projects with the new connection.


So we went with option B.


I was able to connect to ArcSDE as the SDE user, and to perform the per-requisite checks. So all looked good in relation to connections.

When the upgrade ran : this was the result:


Executing: UpgradeGDB "Database Connections\" PREREQUISITE_CHECK UPGRADE

Start Time: Thu Aug 18 08:57:52 2016

Paused the database for upgrade.

There are no other active connections.

User has privileges required to upgrade.

Connected RDBMS instance is setup for ST_GEOMETRY configuration.

Running Pre-Requisite check (C:\Users\mchilcott\AppData\Roaming\ESRI\Desktop10.3\ArcCatalog\

Instance supports XML type.

Updating server tables and stored procedures.

Could not update server tables and stored procedures.

Refer to upgrade logfiles for more details:



Unpaused the database.

Failed to execute (UpgradeGDB).

Failed at Thu Aug 18 08:57:52 2016 (Elapsed Time: 0.28 seconds)


Nothing in the UpgradeGDB.log

Nothing in the sdesetup.log


These gave some hint as to the issue:



Going back over the TNSnames.ora file, I found an extra bracket.


Also, I am not sure if the TNS is case dependent, as we altered > RMCDB.DPIPWE.TAS.GOV.AU


Fixing the tnsnames.ora file, and creating a new ArcMap database connection - and it worked.


It looks to me there is a bug in here somewhere.

If the TNS was incorrect, or the connection file in SDE is slightly different –then the connection should have failed, or the per-requisite should have failed. To have the connection succeed, and the per-requisite succeed, only to have the upgrade fail is strange. This leads you to think it is a server issue, rather than a client issue.


Bottom line - if you see this, then check your TNSnames.ora file, and recreate your connections.  Maybe even attempt the upgrade from another computer.