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WFS to Feature Class conversion

Question asked by abrugger0219 on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by abrugger0219

I'm trying to find more information about this capability. I'm aware of the arcpy function WFSToFeatureClass_conversion and it looks like the equivalent in the Java SDK is WFSToFeatureClass but I haven't found specifics about the limitations or impacts to availability using these tools/API have.  For example, I assume this essentially imports a WFS feature and its Feature Class from one datasource into my ArcGIS geodatabase, but if the Feature Class name already exists in my DB but the fields are different, how is that handled?  Is it possible to limit which fields in a new FC are created from the WFS feature so that only a subset are created or do I have to create a subtype to do that after the FC is created?


If these questions are already answered somewhere and I've missed them, I'd appreciate a pointer in the right direction.


Thank you