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python script toolbox validation - cannot save edits

Question asked by murdoch on Aug 12, 2016

Using a python script tool in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.  I am not able to save the edits I make to the "Validation" script editor (in the default built-in editor window).  I have also tried to use an external script editor (PyCharm) and the editor opens the file, but I am unable to save my changes so that they show up in ArcGIS Pro. 


The editor opens a file in a location like this:


I was earlier able to make changes, but something changed (perhaps when I set up an external script editor?) and now I cannot edit validation python code.


I've tried closing and restarting ArcGIS Pro, and removing the external script editor link in geoprocessing options, but without positive effect.


Anyone have an idea what might be wrong and what a potential work-around would be?