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WebScene size ... optimization

Question asked by on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by TFuchs-esristaff

Hi there,


Just had my second project done with CE. My first project went smoothly but this one I found several issues that I would like to expose to the community.

- It is a pity that CE reorder alphabetically the attributes of feature classes imported from ArcGIS. I say it is alphabetically because for my data, happened that, but maybe it is random.

- My GDB's have subtypes and domains... when imported to CE... it just become a bunch of number in the attribute, solution pass everything to shapefile, edit it manually/batch and import to CE the shp.

- Did I made something wrong or the order of adding the layers into the scene (normally I drag and drop from the navigator into the viewport) is the order that will be on the webscene. I tried to change the order in "scene data contents" (I am not sure about this name), but end up always with the original order.

- Any suggestion on how to manipulate the sea__water to appear that it ends in a mooring structure? I mean the water body reaches the mooring structure and this is a four/five meters above the water plane… the water is a shape and the land is just represented by imagery. Possible solution would be to add a land layer and make different heights for both layers?

- All the data has been imported from shapefiles, two rasters - DTM and an imagery, exception for four skethup models. With these models the file size ‘*.3ws’ rose from 9mb to 18mb. If by any chance I would have had a 32 bit imagery the file (‘*.3ws’) would easily have reached the 30 mb. I had some problems with the performance of my computer, probably the configuration of the graphic card is not optimized for the use of CE, but I have not found documentation. The resolution of the DTM was 1.9 m/pixel 16bit, could this be the problem, and if yes where is the limit? I know that there is probably more stuff that had influence… But it is very hard to find documentation on this.