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Map Tour Customization- Deploy to Server

Question asked by elpinguinodev on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by elpinguinodev

Hi there, I want to add more than 99 markers to the map tour template.


I am putting together a map of all the murals in town, and there are more than 99.


Based off of what I've read on Github, I think I need a server to rehost the downloaded/amended template, but I don't have one, and all I know about servers is what I've read on Google today.


So far I've:

-downloaded code from github

-amended index.html (updated appid " ") and map-config.js (MAX_ALLOWED_POINTS: 150)

-came across a video on Youtube that said I suggested I could host locally on my MacBook Pro Mac OSX, so I've :

  -gone to System Preferences> Internet &Wireless> Sharing> Web Sharing On

  -saved amended files to my local directy in newly created MapTour1 folder. open up Chrome. go to local host page (screenshot attached) but then click on MapTour1 folder and get the second screenshot attached


Right now, I am customizing/ in the testing phase of the map tour, so I'm not worried about setting up a server that can handle a lot of traffic. I just want to be able to add in more than 99 markers, see that it works, and continue to make further adjustments.