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LAYOUT: Map frame not linked to its properties...?!

Question asked by heboma_dev on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by heboma_dev

I have a Layout which I need to set to export several map extents as PDF. (not part of a series)

If I do right-click Zoom to layer > Activate map frame > them zoom and center to my liking > close and back to layout

the properties of the map frame do not change making the PDF a bit more than useles...

I found a workaround by manually adjusting the center and scale, but it is very time consuming and error-prone

Any idea on how to make them link to each other?

PS I'm running ArcGIS pro v1.3 on a windows 7 OS.


Here's a snapshot of what I mean: (greyed out areas for privacy, nothing important there)

What I intend to have on my Layout

PDF output