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Setting a checkbox in add-in from a different add-in.

Question asked by dalejs on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by dalejs

I currently have a main application which in an add-in.  In this main application is a dockable window with multiple checkboxes which turn on various layers.  I have other add-ins that the user can load that are basically toolbars.


Depending on what is launched on the tool bar(s) the checkboxes can be turned on or off on the dockable window on the main application (add-in).


In order to do this I have a reference set in the tool bar add-ins to the .dll of the main add-in.  All this works fine, using the functions on the toolbars I can turn on and off the layers on the map by setting the checkboxes on the dockable window of the main application from the different add-ins.


My question is:  Is there a different way to do the same thing (link-reference-communicate) between add-ins without needing to set a reference as it is currently done?


Thank you for your time.  Dale,