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Problem with Map layout in print with custom print services

Question asked by navjotkaur on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by dafiter

Hello i successfully published my print service but have problem with map layout printing in pdf. if i choose the extent then map is too small if I choose scale then parts of map are cut out in printing. How do i handle the printing so by default people can print the extent and and they get the results of what they see on website in pdf? As of now you don't get what you see in web map as a pdf it is either too big (cutting parts) or too small.

If somebody is zoomed into some area and want to print that is different but it should nicely print the whole map which it doesn't do right now. And if you want to print zoomed in version like by district you don't see as much detail in base-map of pdf as much you see on web map. Please help Thanks!

Attached is the result of print pdf.


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