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Creating a side panel with Launchpad Theme

Question asked by HustleHard on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by rscheitlin

Anyone have any experience with this? Here's a brief run down of what I'm looking to do:

Keep our City's template the same (Launchpad Theme).

Add a permanent side panel (similar to the Plateau/Tab Theme option) to the Launchpad theme.

This is going to be a map showing Current Projects in our city, so I'd like to have separate tabs within the panel showing:

     A tab for Current Projects separated by Wards.

     A tab for Current Projects separated by Assigned Planner.

     A tab for Current Projects separated by Assigned Engineer.

Trying to make all the Current Project lists clickable so it'll zoom to the project when clicked.


Is the best way to go about this grabbing all the DockablePanel css and info from the Plateau Theme and mashing it into the Launchpad theme? Then create a widget for each tab that I want in the side panel? Haven't developed a widget yet so not sure if it'll be the correct application for the above issue.


Any input is greatly appreciated, even if it's just whether this will be the right application for a custom widget.