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Related Tables in Portal - Not filtering correct data

Question asked by dcn23 on Jul 28, 2016

I am having trouble displaying related tables in ArcGIS Portal. After clicking on  "show related records" from the pop up window, the correct related table appears but it does not filter the records to show only the "related" ones. i.e. it just brings up the table with all records.


Current workflow:

  • Ensure that feature class and table share the same privileges (SDE)
  • Add data to mxd (feature class and table) - Can confirm that related table is working successfully in ArcMap
  • Publish as service
  • Open in Web Map and enable pop up
  • Display related records - FAILS HERE


The related table contains about 2000 records. No warnings or errors are reported in Server Manager. I am successfully created related tables for test datasets using the same workflow so it appears to be something wrong specific to the data.


Any help greatly appreciated!