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Modelbuilder export to Python, why no import?

Question asked by cartographer4 on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by granth

ArcGIS 10.4 Desktop, I build myself a model, and it seems if I want to apply it to a different geodatabase, I have to rebuild the model from scratch!   I can't reimport a python script exported from Modelbuilder after changing let's say the input database name across the entire script.   I am using Idle 2.7.10 as an editor.


When I select the input database, if I have many calculations, the following ovals keep their naming from the old model even if the original input database is a different name.  That may confuse the computer if I want to make a different model for a different database.  Do I have to just make the model work in a different MXD just distinct to that database, and separate the geodatabases so the contents with the same name are not overwritten of the individual tables from each other?