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Arcmap snapping not working correctly?

Question asked by CCweedcontrol on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by CCweedcontrol

So i have two layers and a script that uses arcpy.SpatialJoin_analysis to do a spatial join. Basically it spacial joins a zoning layer to parcels but upon further review it seems as i get weird results after the spatial join. In the "FZONE_CODE" field i get some that have 3 different zones. Which in some case can be the case not always and i find it through out spatial joined layer.


The 1st example(image1) i have is the parcel is joined with the zoning and it should just be Ind(blue) but  if you look at it Yellow(Res) or Red(Com) doesn't go into the that parcel but the "FZONE_CODE" field states it's ComIndRes.


Second example (image2) after the spatial join has a parcel with ResResRes but Res(yellow) doesn't go into that parcel either but some how it has ResResRes in the "FZONE_CODE" field.


So i thought maybe i didn't snap to the end point or vertex correctly so i zoomed in as close as i can and i notice that vertex of the Zoning layer is not snapped to the vertex or end of the parcel  so i try to move the zoning  feature to the end/vertex of the parcel but it doesn't snap to it, it snaps off to the side(image3). So i am thinking this is why i get those weird results i am talking about. Ever time i try to move it just snaps the the side of the end or vertex, so my question is this normal?