Spatial Autocorrelation with rasters

Discussion created by holm.seifert on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2010 by philmorefield

Can anyone tell me a procedure to get a spatial autocorrelation based on gridcells.
Here is the problem.
I want to use the morans autocorrelation for a raster dataset.
The formula or equation is clear for me.
But the core problem is now to calculate the cross product for a defined neighborhood.
The goal is to calculate local morans autocorrelation values for every grid cell. I guess, this is not easy as it sounds.
My consideration was to calculate all the values from the focal statistics. The variance and summed weighted values, which are needed in the morans calculation are no problems.
But the cross product in the numerator make some difficulties.
I found no solution to get the cross product for a 3x3 neighborhood or higher.

Can anyone help me.