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Is there a way to set label offset values in the label expression?

Question asked by mlucafo on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by mlucafo

I need to label a lot of coincident points that are meant to be symbolized and labeled with different offsets based on a row/column rule (two integer fields). I managed to display the symbols nicely using the Arcgis PRO "Connected Attributes" feature but so far I failed to use a dynamic offset for labels as well.


The workaround is to create a Label Class for each row/column value (based on a query) and then setting the offset value manually. This solution is not only time-consuming but also more demanding processing-wise, which is going to be a problem since I need to publish this as a web map service.


What I want to do is to set the offset value in the label expression itself, based on the attributes of the points. I know that you can format text in the expression but I couldn't find any reference on how or even if you can manage other label properties with a script.


Does anybody know a possible solution or a workaround?