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Is it possible to remove the heading "Representations" from an ArcMap Legend?

Question asked by mlhotz on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by mlhotz

I just finished creating a series of File Geodatabase feature classes for inclusion into our new enterprise geodatabase next week.  This data will also be used by other GIS staff who need to quickly make a map.


However (and I wish I had checked this in a map first) when I add a legend in ArcMap using a feature class with Representations,  I don't just get the name of the feature class...I also get the name of the representation.


For example, I have a series of points in a feature class called "Depth Profiles", but the world "Representations: Depth Profiles" also appears in the legend.




This is very annoying because the end user is never going to care whether your map is made using Representations in a File Geodatabase or not.  There is a way to remove it, but who wants to go through 4-5 additional steps just to clean up your legend every time you add a layer with Representations to your map?  That too would be very annoying.


Is there a quick way to use Representations and not have the name of the representation appear in the legend when one makes a map?  I'm starting to fear that I'm going to have to revisit every File Geodatabase I have created in the past few days and delete all of my Representations.  As it stands, why would any one use representations if you can't turn that annoying characteristic off?  It just as long symbolise one's map the old-fashioned way each time as it does to remove the representation name from one's legend .