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Scale levels when combining dynamic and tiled layers

Question asked by mu88 on Jul 7, 2016
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I'm new in developing with the ArcGIS Runtime for WPF, so I think my "problem" is more a question of understanding than development.


Within the map, I wann to combine a tiled map service with a dynamic map service. The tiled map service has the following tile levels:





So, the tiled map service's max scale property within ArcGIS Server is 1:5000.

The dynamic map service contains only one layer with a min scale set to 4999. With this, I want to achive that on a coarse view (small scale) the tiles are used and on a finer level (large scale) the data get rendered dynamically.


My WPF application is very simple and viewing each map service individually (either tiled or dynamic) works well. But when combining both, I can only zoom into until the scale level 1:5000. Why is this happening and I this is a feature, how can I reach my desired behaviour?


Thanks in advance!