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GeoEvent Processor writing to Postgres RDS Instance

Question asked by jpsphar1 on Jul 5, 2016



We currently have an Amazon RDS instance set up with Postgres installed. We are able to connect to this Postgres database inside of ArcCatalog and create/edit new features. We then created a feature service off of one of the point layers inside the Postgres database that had a simple schema. This schema has been used in the past for streaming data off of phones and into an SQL/SDE database via the use of the "Add A Feature" option in GeoEvent Processor. Now that we are trying to replicate this set up for Postgres database on the RDS instance we are getting error codes of either 400 or 500 stating something to the regards of the data is not posting to the database.


So, the main question I have is can GeoEvent Processor post to a Postgres database that sits on an Amazon RDS? I would think so since we can create/edit as well as create a feature service from the data. 


Side Note, we tried publishing the feature service to portal and to ArcGIS Server and then use that feature service for the GeoEvent but neither option helped the situation.  Any help would be great.


Thanks, Jason