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Invalid tokens using client: referer

Question asked by aht2131 on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by aht2131

I have a back end python script that is checking out a token. When I am testing on local host am passing in

data = {'f': 'json', 'username': 'user', 'password': 'password', 'client': 'requestip'}

which returns a valid token and I am able to use the token to successfully query the service.


However, once the app is deployed to production the tokens are no longer valid. I am getting tokens, but when I pass them to my query I am getting a 498 error. I have tried to change the token request to use

data = {'f': 'json', 'username': 'user', 'password': 'password', 'client': 'referer', 'referer': 'http://my/app/dir}

on IIS but unfortunately I am still getting tokens that are not accepted for the query.