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Extract Multi Values to Points on time enabled raster layers

Question asked by simpson.ben1990 on Jun 28, 2016
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I am trying to run the 'Extract Multi Value to Points' tool in ArcGIS 10.3. The purpose for running this tool is that I have four time enabled raster layers (rainfall measurements) and a point layer. The raster layers have a single value (daily average) per day for a whole yea. What I want to end up with is in the points layer a column for each of the daily values from all four raster layers. The 'Extract Multi Value to Point' tool does this perfectly for the currently visible time period of the raster layers. Now seeing as I do not want to run this tool 365 times manually, I was wondering if anyone new of a quicker way to go about this? If the answer is to create a python script to iterate through each of the time intervals then that is fine. If this is the case does anyone know how to set the selected/visible time interval (daily value) for a raster layer in python?


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