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Attribute Table and Pop-ups show in Map Viewer but not in Web App Viewer

Question asked by sdouglas_USGS on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by sdouglas_USGS

I am having trouble with attribute tables and pop-ups in the Web App builder viewer.


I have two (of many) layers (MapServer) that I've added in the Map Viewer. When I'm in the map viewer I have enabled and configured pop-ups and they show up. The attribute table also displays how it should in the Map Viewer.


However, when I am in the Web App viewer the pop-ups say "No Information Available" and the attribute table opens but is completely blank (the fields don't show up at all).


It is odd because all of the other layers in my Map viewer and App work fine.


Here is the link to the service if you'd like to try: microbio_geochemistry/decadal_precipitation (MapServer)


Does anyone have ideas?