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Domain Sorting with Portal

Question asked by timmerspk on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2016 by rvburton

I have published a simple feature service through a federated Portal server and no matter what I do I can't seem to control the sort order of the primary domain.


This was originally a featureclass used in ArcGIS Mobile 10.2 and we used to use alphabetical sorting in ArcGIS Mobile.


a) No Damage

b) Minor

c) Moderate

d) Severe

e) Total


I'm not sure what Collector is doing regarding the sort order.  Yes, when I go to Edit the service in the web map in Portal the sort order is the same as Collector, so I'm assuming it's not Collector but the feature service or Portal.   I've seen some talk about editing the SD file and surely that's not the way to solve the problem.


I've tried to recreate the domain and re-point the field and republish and surprisingly the sort order stays the same.


Moderate, Total, Minor, No Damage, Severe


or if I leave the a) to e)


c) Moderate, e) Total, b) Minor, a) No Damage, d) Severe


Any ideas?