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Definition Expression on a FeatureLayer in Runtime SDK based on a date field

Question asked by khalligan on Jun 21, 2016
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Has anyone had success applying a definition expression on a FeatureLayer based on a date field in the Runtime SDK?  I am using the Android SDK and have a local geodatabase created via a sync task.  I have a FeatureLayer that contains a Date field, and I want to apply a definition expression to only show features between a specific date range.  Definition expressions based on other fields are working fine.  I am assuming the problem is the formatting of the Where statement.  I have tried:

DATE > Datetime('2015-9-24 00:00:00')

DATE > date '2015-9-24 00:00:00'

DATE > '1443128160724'

DATE > date '2015-9-24 00:00:00'

Here is a link to setDefinitionExpression

FeatureLayer | ArcGIS Android 10.2.8 API

Thanks in advance for any suggestions