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Web App Builder Widget: Crowdsource Voting or Spatial Reddit

Question asked by Holisticbynature on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by anaalami

Hi all,


Does anyone have any thoughts on what would be required to make a version of the Edit Widget that essentially has an up and a down vote buttons on existing comments? Something that happens a lot is people put overlapping comments but also they usually can't express disagreement as well with comments that might exist. I was curious if it is possible to essentially make a "Spatial Reddit"?

The widget would essentially do the following:

1. Allow voting that changes an attribute in the database based on votes.

2. Buttons would be in place that allow you to click on existing comments and upvote them or down vote them based their existing location.

3. The option exists to based the symbology based on this changing attribute.

4. Has some of the key features of the edit widget.

5. Ideally allows one vote per user (IP Address), at minimum one vote per map instance.


Robert Scheitlin, GISP, your thoughts would be great, especially regarding level of effort or if something already exists.