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Parsing text file and output to text file or csv

Question asked by kshah77 on Jun 20, 2016
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I have a gps text file that has coordinates with other variables. I need to parse the file in order to get Lat, Long and Altitude values from the file and write it into new text file or csv. I tried to read the lines but I got error like this:

Here is my code:


# This script reads a GPS data and prints a list of coordinate pairs

import csv


# Set up input

gpsdata = open("C:/testdata/telemetry2.txt", "r")




# Set and process CSV reader

csvReader = csv.reader(gpsdata)

header =

latvalueIndex = header.index("lat")

lonvalueIndex = header.index("long")

altvalueIndex = header.index("alt")


# Make an empty list

coordList = []


# Loop through the lines in the file and get each coordinate

for row in csvReader:

    lat = row[latvalueIndex]

    lon = row[lonvalueIndex]

    alt = row[altvalueIndex]




# Print the coordinate list

print coordList


I have also attached the data sample. I will appreciate for any help to get this fixed. Thanks