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How to get all map service records using the chart widget

Question asked by julia.galindo on Jun 15, 2016
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I would like to kwon how to get all map service records when using the chart widget.

I have a feature service with 62,000 points. I created a web application using the Webapp Builder developer edition. I want to show in a chart information about the points (now 62,000 in future maybe more).  However, the widget is limited to the map service maxRecordCount, which is set to 1000.

I know I can change that value, but I do not want to because at some point the problem will be the same.  I would like to have in the chart the exact amount of records in the layer… I would like it to be dynamic, meaning that the widget get the total of points. I have to point out that the chart is linked to the points on the map….

Is it possible?


I have arcgis server 10.3


Thanks for the help!