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generate and sync problem exception in security services in qml

Question asked by tkoka3 on Jun 15, 2016
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    We are using Arcgis Runtime SDK for Qt 10.2.6 and Qt 5.4.2 (MSVC 2013, 32 bit) Qt Creator QT\QML side .We have local editing application which edits features within an offline geodatabase and sync back to the service.We are using GeodatabaseSyncTask class's generateGeodatabase (GenerateGeodatabaseParameters parameters, string filename, bool useCachedJob) method to generate geodatabase and then we sync editings with syncGeodatabase(SyncGeodatabaseParameters parameters, Geodatabase geodatabase) method.


We using map service for base map and feature service  for generate local geodatabase.Application works fine but when we give username and password for security to services after that when we generate or sync geodatabase gives exception. Sometimes generates or sync correct but next sync gives again exception .We are also generate token with (Client : Request Ip) from rest services but this time we never connet these services from qml api. Here is console output below in qml.How can we solve this problem or how can we generate correct token to generate or sync data without exception ?


qml: Error: Invalid Token Code= 498

qml: Error: You are not authorized to access this information Code= 401 Invalid credentials

qml: Error: Protocol "" is unknown Code= 301 Protocol "" is unknown

qml: Error: Protocol "" is unknown Code= 301 Protocol "" is unknown


qml: Error: Sync failed. Unable to import changes to server. Code= -1