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Can you join Excel tables with an attribute table?

Question asked by EllieHakari on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by EllieHakari

Is it possible to join Excel tables with a layer’s attribute table? My department is collecting data for curb ramps (to see if they comply with regulations) and have to collect data such as slopes, lengths, distances, etc. Right now, the app that we created puts all that info into an excel file, but that makes it difficult for us to do anything with because most people want a visual. I was wondering, if I created a template in ArcMAP (such as points at each curb ramp), labeled them with a unique ID, and then matched that with a unique ID in the Excel table, would I be able to easily transfer the data over to an attribute table? That way, clicking on a point would provide its information, plus we could isolate the layer to, say, show only the ramps that don’t comply. Or we could color-code. Something like that.