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Interactive Rematch Geocoding Result Table

Question asked by cpbradley on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by wwmiller68

We have taken on a huge geocoding project for the County of Bernalillo, New Mexico where we are to geocode all business locations first by address point & then by street centerline.  The number of records is 50,000 in the attribute table and there are over 100 fields for each record.

My question is in viewing & working in the Interactive Rematch Geocoding_Result table.  We only want to see a few fields out of this table.  Every time we highlight a field to move it into our view, the table resets to the first record in the first field.   Then we have to search through all the fields to find the one we want to move & drag it into our view. The table will reset the field order after we refresh our "Status" field.    Is there a way we can "lock" this table to keep our settings of sorted records (M, T, U), size of columns & visible fields in the order we want after refreshing the view or even saving/closing/reopening our session?  Thanks in advance.