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IF THEN in MODEL BUILDER - If value in attribute > greater than - this do this, else do this - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question asked by lstanford on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by rfairhur24

Here is what I am trying to do -

I have a point feature class, in the feature class there is a field called
AdjRate. If the values in that field are > 0 then do one set of
geoprocessing, if the values are = 0 then use an alternate set of geoprocessing
functions.  I have found several example scripts with IF THEN STATEMENTS
for model builder, but nothing like this.  So far all I can find are examples
for checking if an extension exists etc... I know this must be super easy for
people who know python, but unfortunately I don't. I am trying to learn, but
need to figure this out before I have time. All you geniuses out there please
help! THANK YOU!