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Writing data with deprecated coordinate systems with FME Workbench?

Question asked by mbakerDPS on Jun 7, 2016
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I recently fired up FME 2015 (through the Data Interoperability Extension) and when trying to write data from PostGIS (in EPSG:3426) to MSSQL Spatial in CO State Plane (EPSG:2877), I get a warning that the coordinate system is deprecated and no SRID can be set on the data.


I'm using the ESRI Reprojector to set the parameters, and they have worked fine in the past.


What is strange, however, is when writing to ArcSDE Feature Classes using the same source and destination coordinate systems and reprojection parameters, there is no warning about the deprecated coordinate system and the data runs fine.


Any thoughts on the difference in behaviour between these two source formats when using the EPSG:2877 (DEPRECATED) coordinate system?