Excessive re-drawing in ArcMap

Discussion created by desertsp on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2016 by mboeringa2010

Is it just me, or does ArcMap 10.1 have a habit of unnecessarily redrawing the display? With complex maps, this really slows down a workflow!


A few examples:

  1. Changes are made outside of the data frame, such as a page title (layout view)
  2. A legend is slightly repositioned
  3. A map element within the data frame is slightly reposition without changing how it overlaps with features.
  4. Zooming in/out
  5. Turning on or off the only label layer
  6. Minor symbology changes to a layer towards the top of the 'stack'


Sure, I understand the necessity of re-rendering before the final production output...but sometimes it's just overkill!!!