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Internal sync error/failed to replicate

Question asked by nkb535 on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2016 by nkb535

Hello.  I created a map on AGOL with one basemap and three Feature Services, two of which are editable and one is read only.  I downloaded the map to my iPad, collected data for the two editable services, and am trying to sync back with AGOL.  One of the two services syncs without a problem, but I get this error with the second one:


Unable to synchronize replica.

Sync replica internal error.


I have searched and cannot find a solution.  Data are collected for the two services within a few meters of each other, so I don't see how an extent problem would affect one but not the other.  I created the two services with the same settings (sync is enabled for both) and the only difference between the two is the fields and the symbol. 


Does anybody have any suggestions?  I unfortunately cannot share them with the community, so I may have to just try out your suggestions.


I am staying in a rural hotel with a bad internet connection, could this be part of the problem?  The service with the issue does have a lot of high resolution pictures (~120 pictures for 37 points).


Thanks for your help.