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Configuring ArcServer for Web-tier Authentication (Web Adaptor and ArcGIS Online)

Question asked by naalexandrou on May 31, 2016

Alright the set-up, ArcServer 10.2.1, Web Adaptor is on a Windows Server with IIS in our firewall's DMZ.




     -security authentication process has been change to web-tier

     -sharing settings have been changed, our AGOL accounts url (https://**** for our Portal URL

     -sharing settings have been changed, our Web Adaptor url (hasen't been named yet so still using ip address) for our service url.


ArcGIS Online

     -The Server that our Web Adaptor resides on has been added as a "trusted server" that credentials can be sent to.


Server in the DMZ (I am going off of what our IT department has told me, I don't have access to this server but they are been really helpful in trying to figure this out)

     -IIS has been configured for web-tier authentication



Here's the issue....


I will make a specific map service "private", however, the user roles present to make this service accessible to are still ArcServer factory roles.


I share the service with a group on our ArcGIS Online account, and try accessing the data in a web-map. Go to view it in Explorer after logging in with AGOL credentials. Open the map, Explorer prompts me to enter credentials in again as the layer is "secure", I put my credentials in, and it continues to tell me I have invalid credentials.


Does anyone know where my communication of credentials is being lost? What configuration setting have I missed? Any help would be appreciated. I feel like the set-up is very close, but I missing something very important.