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How to switch from a Widget to another that are inside the header controller programmatically when interacting from another customized in panel widget.

Question asked by RA_AB11 on May 26, 2016


I am new to the WAB and I really need help!

When starting my app the (About) widget from the header controller will open, and I have another customized in panel widget that has a combobox with a list of countries.

What I want is that when selecting any of these countries the (About) widget would close programmatically and then another in panel Widget -in the header controller- called (Legend) would open to show the legend for each of these countries without having to close (About) and open (Legend) manually.

What I have in the json file is:


        "name": "About",

        "config": "configs/About/config_Info.json",

        "openAtStart": true


so that the (About) would open when starting the app. I am trying so hard to find a solution, but still cannot figure out what to add .

I hope I have explained the problem properly. I am waiting for you kind answers.

  Thanks in Advance!